Changing jobs during the pandemic – good idea or not?

Changing jobs during the pandemic – good idea or not?

Changing jobs during the pandemic – good idea or not? Uncertain times tend to make us all risk-averse but changing jobs in the current situation can be a great idea. It might sound daunting with many businesses struggling but FM is a resilient sector and there are plenty of opportunities out there to give your career a boost.

If you’re a flexible applicant this could be your time to shine. With the majority of the competition sitting it out, your CV will stand out. Even with social distancing rules video interviews are still happening. The right facilities management job could be waiting for you at the end of that next Zoom call.

Want to know why changing jobs in a pandemic could be right for you? Read on.

Now is a good time to get networking

Now’s the time to make some powerful connections and network. People are looking to connect in lockdown and are far more likely to accept your call or your LinkedIn request. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and your next career move could be closer than you think.

You have time to build transferable skills

From CV writing to brushing up on new technology, the lockdown has given us all ample time to build skills that future employers are looking for. Focus on transferable skills that can be applied to any FM position and you’ll create more opportunities in the sector.

Take stock of your goals

This is a unique environment that gives you ample opportunity to take stock of where you are and where you want to be. It’s the right time to reevaluate what’s important. Get empowered by looking for a new job that is more closely aligned with your skills and strengths and that lets you actively enjoy your work. It’s a win-win for you and your new employers.

Be open to new opportunities

Even during the pandemic, certain sectors are still hiring and they still need candidates experienced in facilities management. Do your research and think about the ways your background and talents can offer value. Instead of a threat, the pandemic could offer you new opportunities for career growth if you’re prepared to think about the ways you can adapt to a different industry.

Job hunting from home is more comfortable

There’ll never be a better time to take the time to do a thorough job search. Networking is much easier when you’re not sneaking around to take calls from recruiters and HR and interviews are a breeze when you don’t have to fake an excuse to duck out of work early. Video interviews can be arranged to suit your schedule and you’ll be more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Do what makes you happy

Are you taking a risk changing jobs in a pandemic? Yes. But if you can find that FM job that gives you long term happiness and satisfaction then you’ll achieve career fulfilment.

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Job Hunting 17 February 2021 Written by admin@c22