How to Hire the Best Facilities Management Talent

How to Hire the Best Facilities Management Talent

Everywhere you look there’s news of the candidate shortage. It seems that hardly any industry is left untouched by this current crisis. But regardless of this, if you have a facilities management job, you still want to hire the best.

With the number of jobs currently exceeding 1m in the UK for the first time in history, it’s getting harder to recruit. You may even find yourself competing for the best talent.

So in a candidate driven market how do you make sure that you can still hire the best facilities management talent? Our expert team share their top tips.

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The power of attraction

It’s no longer a case of build it and they will come. Advertising a role doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll hire the best facilities management talent. You need to make your FM role as attractive as possible! Stand out above the noise and you’re more likely to make the right hire first time. What makes you different? What can you offer that your competitors are not? It’s so much more than just paying marketing leading salaries now. Facilities management candidates are looking for so much more.


And if you’re stuck, why not speak to your current team? Find out what attracted them to the role. What is it that is making them stay / keeping them motivated and fulfilled? Then think about your ideal FM candidate. What can you offer to them? Where could they be in 2-5 years’ time? What career development opportunities could be made available?

One area with increased focus is that of wellbeing. Ensuring that you communicate any commitment to wellbeing is vital. What does the work/life balance look like? What support do you offer? You may even find that with a solid wellbeing strategy, you don’t have to offer a highly inflated salary to attract the best. It’s certainly something worth serious consideration.

To hire the best facilities management talent, make recruitment a priority

Don’t lose out on the best candidates by not focusing on your recruitment process. If you want to hire the best facilities management talent, you need an efficient and robust process. There’s a phrase in the sales world – ‘time kills all deals’ and the same is true when it comes to recruitment. In the current market, it’s rare that great candidates are only talking to one company. They are more likely to be in process for 2-3 roles and it’s important to bear this in mind.

The company that arranges interviews quickly and provides feedback quickly shows a stronger level of commitment to the candidate. This alone can help you secure the best!

Use a trusted facilities management recruiter

In times of a candidate shortage, using a specialist recruiter is worth its weight in gold. Like us, specialist agencies will have a strong network of candidates from your sector. But why choose Catch22? We’ve been here from the beginning and are proud to be the very first recruitment specialist in the FM recruitment space. With combined experience of over 150 years, we have helped shape this industry over the past four decades. So, you could say that we really know our stuff when it comes to FM recruitment. That’s why 25+ of the top 50 FM companies in the UK choose us to fulfil their recruitment needs. But don’t just take our word for it…

“I have worked with Catch 22 over the past 35 years and have always found them to be professional, reliable and resourceful in the service they have provided. Over the years, Catch 22 have provided me with staff at all levels, from Receptionist and Helpdesk staff, through to my Senior Facilities Management team. I would highly recommend Catch 22 for any Facilities and Workplace staffing needs.”

Tony Bartle, Head of Real Estate, International Banking Organisation.

We’ve been delivering real recruitment solutions for over 40 years. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for you. Why not get in touch with our expert team today and let us take away the headache of recruiting the very best FM talent.

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