Is it Time for a Career Pivot?

Is it Time for a Career Pivot?

Have you hit a plateau in your career? Then you could be due a career pivot. If you’re ready to take a risk then why not make a confident and intentional career change that takes you in a new but related direction.

Do I need a career pivot?

Feeling that you’re due a career change can be as simple as not wanting to get up and do your job in the morning. If that sounds like you, then be on the lookout for a lack of engagement with your work or feeling low in energy and enthusiasm. If you’re staying on your present career path simply because of the money and the job title, it could be time to pivot.

Inventory your strengths and skills

Before you start seriously pursuing new career goals, it’s time to take an inventory. What are the transferable strengths and skills and the value-adds you bring to your current position? What are the skills you’ll need for your pivot in facilities management? Where are the gaps in your knowledge?

You’ll need to complete this process before moving on to the next step.

Work on filling the gaps

If you’re looking to pivot within facilities management, you need to sharpen up your skillset. You may need to take a related qualification or hone your communication skills. If you work as an FM, you’re in the right place to start your own skills bootcamp by asking the right questions and meeting the right people. If you want to get into facilities management, start working on your knowledge gap by reading websites and trade publications.

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Formulate your career pivot plan

Creating a plan with measurable milestones will help you to pinpoint the right time to pivot. Consider the following metrics:

– Financial goals: set goals for savings or money earned before you commit to the pivot
– Progress checkpoints: set goals for your accomplishments as you move towards your pivot point – the number of clients you’ve accrued or the projects you’d like to accomplish
– Data based planning: set a target date for acquiring new skills and exploring what’s involved in your career pivot
– Gut instincts: If you feel that you’re ready to move or you can’t stay in the same career any longer, you’re ready to make the pivot

Take time to update

Now you’re ready to update, set aside the time to do the following:

– Revise your CV to take in new skills, experience and qualifications
– Maximise your LinkedIn profile
– Order new business cards
– Continue to familiarise yourself with your new dream job title and industry
– Review and revisit your elevator pitch to include your new skillset

Take the leap into your career pivot

Letting go of your safety net will never be completely risk-free, however well prepared you are. But it’s worth remembering how you felt when you got into your career in the first place and were hungry to establish yourself. Use that energy and enthusiasm to say yes to everything, no matter how small.

Your career pivot can take time and will require reserves of resilience. But once you make the move you’ll find yourself taking chances and by moving out of your comfort zone, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to let your skills and strengths do the talking.


How we can help

We’ve been helping people to forge new and exciting careers in facilities management for almost 40 years. We’ve love to do the same for you.  You can take a look at our latest vacancies, or get in touch with the team and see how we can help you to find a new, fulfilling career.

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