How It’s Possible to be a Working Mum with Catch 22

How It’s Possible to be a Working Mum with Catch 22

Firstly, let us wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there – you are nothing short of amazing!

Being a working mum already makes you an incredible person. But we know that it comes with its challenges. However, as lots of sectors are embracing hybrid and flexible working, it’s now easier to be a working mum than ever before.

Why Choose to be a Working Mum?

We’ve been through a turbulent 2 years. The pandemic caused financial instability for so many families, and it’s made many people re-evaluate their home / work life. And now, with the cost-of-living crisis gripping the world, many mums are choosing to return to work, even if it’s just part time.

In the not-too-distant past, lots of mums had to choose between progressing their careers, or raising a family. But this isn’t good news for the jobs market. When we lose women in the workplace, we also lose valuable talent and unique perspectives. Women are often key to building diversity, equality and inclusion, so it’s incredibly important that employers offer a strong support network to enable you to continue to work, if you choose to.

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Whether you’re a new mum heading back to work, or you’ve been a working mum for years, it can be difficult to balance your work and your home life. But it is possible to support and show up for your career and your children if you choose the right company to work for. Here at Catch 22, we are very supportive of working mums and do everything we can to make sure we are accommodating their needs. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Laura, one of our fantastic consultants has to say –

“I’m a first-time mum to a 2 year old, and I joined Catch 22 following redundancy at the end of my maternity leave. When I was looking to get back into work, it was important for me to find somewhere that would be supportive of my parental responsibilities. I was nervous to get back into full-time work, wondering how I will fit in the chaos of running my home, childcare and alongside a full-time job.

Since I’ve started with Catch 22, they have proven to be supportive with opportunities for hybrid working and offering reasonable working hours. I’ve so far found working in recruitment has also been a great opportunity for me to refresh all my pre-existing skills and learn new ones. Each day is different which makes the days go quickly and keeps things interesting. Much less mind-numbing than the cartoons we watch at home! I’m proud to be a working mum”


We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic, organised and passionate people to join the Catch 22 team. If you, or any of your friends and family are looking for work that fits around being a mum, get in touch with our team today on 0113 242 8077, or email –





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