Top Tips to Switch to a Career in Facilities Management

Top Tips to Switch to a Career in Facilities Management

A career in facilities management is a highly rewarding one. Plus, it’s a sector your can enter with little, or no previous facilities management experience.

If you’re thinking about switching to a career in facilities management, try the self-assessment questions below, to give yourself the best chance of success.

Are you ready for a career in facilities management?

1. What interests you. What can you do. And, what do you value? 

Try to answer these questions as honestly as you can. These are the key questions to building insight into what motivates you and makes you tick. You can also try the questions in reverse. What bores you? What are you bad at? And, what do you feel is not worthwhile? However, focus more strongly on the positive versions because you’ll need to keep positive for your job search and career change.

2. Why are you most dissatisfied with in your current job?

Again, you’re developing insights which will help you to decide on your future direction. It can help to keep a work diary (not on a work PC!). Use the diary entries to figure out whether it’s the company’s culture, your particular role, or the people you work with that are making you want to seek new opportunities.

3. Which career in facilities management would be right for you?

Facilities management covers a range of activities, in a very diverse set of environments and companies. Try looking at a recruitment site, and checking the job descriptions for FM jobs, noting down the kind of role that appeals to you. Search all our latest facilities management jobs, or get in touch with our team if you need further help.

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4. You probably have access to a facilities management professional already

You could start by talking to the facilities people in the building you currently work in. It’s amazing how much useful business intelligence on opportunities and companies you can gather through casual conversations.

5. Start thinking about your CV

When you read online job descriptions, start thinking about aspects of your experience that would be relevant, even though you’ve been in a different industry. For example, team leading, working with people and planning are widely applicable.

6. Get qualified

At the very least, find out what qualifications you would need. Many employers will send staff on courses – take a look at the qualifications most often requested in job ads that interest you and gain any pre-entry certificates that you need.

7. Start to move in the new direction

If you’re offered training in your current job, try and make it something that would be relevant to your potential FM career – a project management qualification is always a good option.

8. If necessary, use a stepping stone

You may not be able to get to the job you want in one step. You may need to move sideways or to take a role in FM that will give you the experience you need to qualify for the job you really want.


How Catch 22 can help.

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Career Planning 10 April 2022 Written by Marketing