Happy World FM Day!

Happy World FM Day!

This week, we celebrate World FM Day. A day dedicated to the unrecognised heroes of facilities management. A time to pay thanks for the tireless work they put into making sure our workplaces, and more, run smoothly. It aims to raise the profile of the facilities profession anywhere that its practitioners influence the health, safety, productivity, and wellbeing of people who use the built environment. Held on 11th May, this years’ theme is ‘Leading a sustainable future’.

The role of Facilities Management and the Focus of World FM Day

Facilities Managers are the people behind the scenes who make sure you have everything you need and want from the facilities you visit. But, if they are doing their job right, it’s probably something you wouldn’t even think about. However, if your workplace, favourite shopping centre, or health club run smoothly, it’s no doubt the work of an FM team. And we’re not just talking about cleaners here. An FM Manager coordinates all the staff in the facilities to work together, and make sure things happen seamlessly.

Since the pandemic, the role of facilities management has experienced renewed exposure. We are now all more aware of the fantastic work these teams do, and the work they contribute to business, healthcare and education institutions worldwide. And with the topic of conversation firmly being around ‘The Great Return’, what’s the future for the role of FM teams?

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Sustainability in Facilities Management

The process of making systems and building more sustainable to a key area of focus for FM teams. However, it’s not solely about saving the environment, although, this is of course, the desired outcome. The business impact of sustainable facilities management are significant. A green building can drastically reduce your energy bills and operational costs. Additionally, they also improve the health and wellbeing of its occupants. If you’d like to know more about some easy steps to sustainability, you can find out more in our blog – Green Buildings and the FM Role in the Environment.

How you can celebrate World FM Day

Take time out this week to stop and thank anyone working in FM with the facilities you visit. It will really mean a lot. The cleaner in your office, the maintenance manager, the receptionist – they all contribute to your workplace being a pleasant place to be. A little acknowledgement can do a long way.


It’s an exciting time to be developing a career in FM. Here at Catch 22 are encouraging individuals to embrace the opportunities resulting from the pandemic whilst attracting fresh talent into the industry we love.

To discuss how Catch 22 can introduce you to FM talent or support you in the smooth running of your workplace, get in touch with our expert team today – www.c22.co.uk

News 09 May 2022 Written by Marketing