Tips for Interviewing Facilities Management Candidates

Tips for Interviewing Facilities Management Candidates

Interviewing facilities management candidates doesn’t have to be challenging. But it’s such an important thing to get right. Did you know the cost of a bad hire can run into six figures? Finding the right talent for that facilities management job is all about asking the right questions. Questions that let you evaluate whether a candidate is the right fit for your company’s goals and culture.

You need to get a good all-round picture of how a candidate can fit your company culture. Our team share their thoughts –

Tips for Interviewing Facilities Management Candidates

What skill would you like to improve and how?

The ‘what’s your biggest weakness?’ question might be a classic interview technique. However, it’s a cliche and a trap for potential hires. Turn the tables and ask them to focus on areas for improvement. They are likely to feel more at ease if asked in this way. Sharing improvements, will not potentially sink their interview chances.

This question also tests self-awareness. Additionally, it gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate professional growth. It also lets you find out fast whether their shortcomings would stop them from being a success in the role.

Can you tell me about a work-related challenge where you used your own initiative?

The way a candidate answers this question can tell you how they respond to stress and pressure. It also tells you how they problem-solve. But it can also tell you whether they’re prepared to go above and beyond in a crisis situation or do the bare minimum.

This is a straightforward competency question but the best candidates will tell you not only what they did, but the positive effect it had on the company.


When interviewing facilities management candidates, ask ‘what are your long-term career goals?’

You’re looking for a candidate with career goals that align with your company goals and values. If you sense that their goals can’t be achieved by working for you then they may not be a good fit.

You need to know why a potential hire wants to work for you. Why? Because you need them to be motivated to do great work and be in it for the long haul. Asking these types of career goals questions should find out the candidates who are prepared to give a well thought out and honest answer, and make a great fit with your company culture.

How would you describe your work style and your ideal working environment?

You may not want a team of cookie-cutter employees but if things are working well you don’t want to throw a spanner in the works. If your candidate is an independent worker who prefers a quiet, heads down environment, they’re not going to fit your highly collaborative, high energy team.

These types of question in interviews give invaluable insights into whether a candidate is a good fit for your existing team and your company culture and environment as a whole.

Every CV has one lie on it, what’s yours?

A curveball question not only keeps candidates on their toes can be a good test of character. It doesn’t have to be about their CV – it could be about their favourite Doctor Who or how many Smarties fit in a backpack. The point is that creative curveball questions are one of the best ways to identify people with the right talents for the job.

The interview process can help you find those great hires that fit your company perfectly. At Catch 22 we understand that every person you hire needs to fit your organisation like a puzzle piece in a much larger jigsaw. Which is why it’s critical we always find the right fit for you. Find out more about our recruitment process or get in touch with our team today on 0113 242 8077

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