5 Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

5 Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

Working with a dedicated facilities management recruitment agency is a smart move. Particularly in a time when recruitment anyone seems to be a challenge. A specialist recruiter understands what you’re looking for and helps you make the right hire, first time. Choosing the right recruitment agency can be daunting.However, if you ask the right questions you’ll make the right choice. Read on for the five questions you need to ask to make the right choice for your business.

What experience do you have recruiting for facilities management?

This is hands-down the most important question you should ask. You need an agency that specialises in facilities management and who can find the right candidates. You’re looking for an agency with plenty of success stories, who understands the demands of the job and who has a strong network in facilities management.

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How do you find top facilities management talent?

A facilities management recruitment agency is acting as your representative. Therefore, you need to know how they engage with potential hires on your behalf. You need to ensure that expectations are mutual and that you agree on methods of engagement. Whether that’s advertising, via their database or on social media. In turn, you’ll know where candidates are coming from and whether you’re targeting the best people for the job.


Do you already have a pool of FM talent?

This kind of availability can be the perfect solution. After all, if your recruitment agency already has a list of highly experienced candidates available, you can green-light the recruitment process far faster. Having suitable candidates on tap is a sign that an agency is good at their job and can engage with the right kind of FM talent.

How do you work and what can I expect from your recruitment agency?

It’s essential that you work with an agency that is flexible enough to meet and exceed your needs. You need to know how they communicate and control the hiring process so it aligns with your expectations. This question helps you to identify an agency that works in the way that you do, so you’re perfectly aligned whether that means getting daily feedback or feedback only when the process is finished.

What are your terms?

Business terms and costs will affect your hiring ability so this can be a really critical question. You’ll need to start with your budget and your business needs and gauge whether a recruitment agency can meet your recruitment goals. Remember that fees and business agreements can change as can your circumstances so you can always re-evaluate your choice as your business continues to grow.

Why choosing the right recruitment agency is important

So why is it so important to select the right recruitment agency? If you want to recruit new facilities management staff effectively and maintain a positive hiring image, it’s critical you get the decision right. Make the right choice and recruiting candidates can be a breeze when you use a dedicated agency. Create a mutually beneficial relationship and you’ll be able to call on them in the future when you need more hires.

Keep in mind your goal, values and budget and you’ll be able to pinpoint the ideal agency to work with.

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