Why FM Managers Are Choosing to Work Exclusively With One Agency

Why FM Managers Are Choosing to Work Exclusively With One Agency

FM Managers, are you looking for a way to increase your chances of filling your next FM role? When it comes to finding an FM recruitment partner, it’s about more than just finding the cheapest price. You need a trusted partner who you can rely on to deliver. Someone who can represent your business at the highest level and secure the best FM talent to add value to your business.

With the current skills shortage, it’s become harder to fill roles at all levels. That’s why working with a specialist facilities management recruitment company makes sense.  Whilst it may be tempting to give your position to numerous agencies, to get the broadest range of candidates, we explain why this is the wrong approach.

We share 5 benefits for FM Managers choosing to work with just one agency –

You’ll get greater levels of commitment

A recruiter working exclusively on a role will be fully invested. They are committed to finding the perfect candidate. It’s a fact that recruiters will always prioritise roles that are exclusive. They invest more of their time searching for the right candidates when it’s not a race against time with the other agencies.  The benefits to FM Managers of working exclusively with an agency is that you can set deadlines. With higher degrees of accountability, you are likely get great results from your agency. but that’s not all…

FM Managers are receiving better candidates

When a recruiter is up against several other agencies, the process becomes more focused on time than on quality. It’s all about who can identify and speak to the most people in the shortest amount of time. This in itself can cause problems for your employer brand. But more on that later.  This can mean that when presented with CV’s you have the best people who have responded the quickest. It doesn’t mean that you get the very best people in the market. When working exclusively with an agency, they will have more time to contact passive candidates. And in this market, that’s where your perfect candidate is likely to be.

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Protects your brand

Back to your employer brand. Do you really want people getting multiple calls from different agencies about your job? This is what happens if you work with multiple agencies. Working exclusively with one agency stops this from happening. It gives you a higher degree of control over your employer brand. And enables you to maintain the confidentiality of your role.

Saves time for FM Managers

You may think that working with multiple agencies will actually make your hiring process quicker. This is not the case. When working with multiple agencies, you have multiple contacts to deal with. Therefore, resulting in a higher number of calls and emails to deal with. Not to mention the issues you’ll have to deal with on CV duplication.

Working exclusive with just one agency means that you’ll have one point of contact. Therefore, resulting in less calls and emails and saving you time.

Develops a partnership

When working exclusive with an agency, you develop a relationship with your recruiter. They get to know your business, your culture, and your values. They know how to best represent your brand to potential employees and are committed to continuing to deliver every time you work with them. Your recruiter will become your trusted partner. They only person you need to call when you have a job to fill.

And this again will save you more time. As the recruiter relationship develops, they begin to know the exact right fit for your business. You can trust them to deliver candidates who fit your needs and your unique culture. Meaning less wasted interviews and a stronger team.

FM Managers choose to work with Catch 22

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Hiring 28 January 2023 Written by Marketing