Building Resilience in Facilities Management: Skills and Tools for Coping with Stressful Situations

Building Resilience in Facilities Management: Skills and Tools for Coping with Stressful Situations

Facilities management can be a challenging field that requires the leadership and problem-solving skills of its practitioners. Facilities managers keep buildings safe and functional—so dealing with stress is part of their job description!

We all face some degree of stress in our job. But learning to manage this is a great way to build resilience. Facilities managers can learn a number of skills and techniques to help them cope with the challenges they face on the job. We asked our expert team of facilities management recruiters to share their thoughts.

Understand the Causes of Stress

Work overload, high-pressure situations, and conflicting demands can all cause stress. To manage it effectively, we need to identify the causes of our stressors ourselves.

As a Facilities Manager, you should be aware of your triggers and monitor your stress levels regularly. As a result, you will better understand what causes you to feel stressed—and develop coping strategies based on these learnings.

Prioritise Self-Care

To manage stress, you need to take care of yourself. Self-care is crucial—it helps you relax and recharge. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is exercise. When you go for a run or lift weights, you release endorphins in your brains. These feel-good chemicals can help you unwind and relax after a stressful day at work.

But that’s not all. Proper nutrition, combined with getting enough sleep can contribute to maintaining physical health. Facilities managers should also take breaks from work and time off in order to avoid burnout and improve their well-being.

managing stress for facilities managers

Build a Support Network

An important aspect of stress management is having a support network—a group of people you can rely on for emotional and social support. As a Facilities Manager, you will benefit from finding colleagues, friends or family members who they can turn to in times of need.

Building a support network can help you feel less isolated and more connected to others. This can provide you with different perspectives and ideas for managing stress in your work environment.

Use Time Management Techniques

Time management can help you to reduce stress and prioritise tasks by making to-do lists. Breaking down large jobs into smaller ones, and scheduling when certain things need to be done. When you are able to manage your time effectively, you can ensure that you’re not overburdened by unnecessary tasks and projects. You’ll also be able to relax and enjoy life outside of work more often.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Facilities managers face a variety of challenges in their work, from unexpected repairs to budget constraints. Developing problem-solving skills can help you feel more confident in dealing with these challenges. Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability can help facilities managers find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Effective problem-solving skills can also help you reduce stress by feeling more in control of your work. You can develop your problem-solving skills by becoming more organised and efficient at work. You should also take time to plan for future projects, as well as analyse past problems. These steps can help you to identify the root cause of problems so that you can find effective solutions.

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Work with a Facilities Management Recruitment Agency

When facilities managers are looking for new positions, they can work with a recruitment agency to find openings that fit their skills and experience. A facilities management recruitment agency can provide you with support and guidance throughout the job search process, helping you to find positions that match your career goals and provide a supportive work environment. Recruitment agencies can also assist you with the interview process, giving you valuable advice on how to prepare for interviews and what questions to expect from potential employers. When looking for your next step, a specialist recruiter can take all the stress away from the job search.

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