Hiring in Facilities Management – Our Views on the Current Recruitment Landscape

Hiring in Facilities Management – Our Views on the Current Recruitment Landscape

As the summer sun casts its radiant glow, a similar warmth of growing confidence permeates through businesses in the UK economy. Let’s review what the recruitment landscape is telling us.

Encouraging news for recruitment activity

The latest findings from the REC’s JobsOutlook survey paint an encouraging picture, with the net balance for business confidence rising from -43 to -41 in May-July 2023. While this metric still resides in the negative spectrum, the upward trajectory is a beacon of promise and progress.

An added layer of optimism emerges in the domain of hiring and investment decisions. The net sentiment has seen an impressive uptick of five percentage points, landing at +7. The Confederation of British Industry further solidifies this newfound positivity by revealing that businesses are experiencing an improved sense of confidence, a shift seen after a two-year period of uncertainty.

Surge in recruitment adverts

Intriguingly, this renewed sense of confidence reverberates in the very fabric of the labour market landscape. The week of 3-9 July 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge, with job advertisements crossing the already high  threshold of two million active postings, standing tall at 2,248,918. This figure paints a vivid picture, standing at an impressive 53.3% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This substantial leap showcases the vibrancy and resilience of the job market.

Candidate availability

Yet, as the tides of optimism rise, certain challenges persist. While candidate availability has improved, businesses continue to grapple with the daunting task of filling roles effectively. This unfulfilled demand has a ripple effect, impacting the ability to fully capitalise on revenue opportunities amidst the ongoing pressures of inflation.

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Wages v’s price growth

Amidst the backdrop of wage growth that envelops various industries, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) unveils a tapestry of intriguing insights. Salary inflation during April and May 2023 stands resolute at 7.3%. This growth extends further, encompassing annual increments in nominal average regular pay (excluding bonuses). Impressively, this growth trajectory reaches a zenith not witnessed since the pandemic’s onset, marked by an impressive 6.9% surge compared to the corresponding period in 2022. However, this tale of growth finds its counterpart in the realm of prices, with the Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH) illustrating a growth rate of 7.3% over the 12 months leading up to June 2023. This discrepancy between wage and price growth poses a multifaceted challenge for employers.

Recruitment in a talent short market

As the race to secure the most coveted talent intensifies, employers operating in the field of facilities management find themselves navigating uncharted waters. Today’s candidates demand more than mere job roles or increments in pay; they seek comprehensive training, dynamic development prospects, and a harmonious work-life equilibrium. This pivotal shift necessitates a dynamic response from recruiters, prompting a strategic reimagining of roles to render them irresistibly alluring amidst the ongoing talent competition.

In the midst of these currents of optimism, the Bank of England’s latest monetary report adds a touch of buoyancy to the atmosphere. A projection of employment growth offers a ray of hope, signaling the gradual easing of the labor market and heralding new avenues for both recruiters and job seekers.

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