Discover the Life of an FM Recruitment Consultant

Discover the Life of an FM Recruitment Consultant

At Catch 22, we’re not just about recruitment; we’re about exceptional customer service paired with outstanding recruitment expertise. Today, let’s pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peek into the life of a Recruitment Consultant in our Operational Support division. Join us as we delve into their daily routine and how they play a crucial role in connecting businesses with exceptional blue-collar personnel.

Welcome Lavinia to the Spotlight!


A Day in the Life

As an Operational Support Recruitment Consultant at Catch 22, my days kick off with careful planning and organisation. The night before, I craft a priority list of jobs, setting the tone for a productive morning. Mondays are dedicated to timesheet management, ensuring accuracy and timely submissions. If there are no immediate bookings, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on timesheets.

Once the paperwork is in order, my attention shifts to new bookings. Quick outreach to potential candidates follows, assessing their fit for available positions. Communication is key as I collaborate with candidates to align their schedules with job requirements. To streamline our workflow, we rely on the Vincere/Shift Scheduler platform, ensuring seamless scheduling and providing clients with reliable blue-collar personnel.

Keeping an eye on job advertisements is essential for attracting potential candidates. Regularly refreshing job ads ensures visibility and engagement, maximising the number of qualified applicants. I strategically send out applications early in the week, allowing time for follow-ups and thorough reviews.

Efficiency and prioritisation are my allies as an Operational Support Recruitment Consultant. By staying organised, proactive, and leveraging the right tools, I contribute to providing exceptional service to our clients and help businesses find outstanding blue-collar personnel.


Finding the Perfect Fit

Filtering Through the Noise

My primary responsibility is finding candidates perfectly aligned with our clients’ needs. We use multiple job boards for maximum visibility but streamline the process with specific application questions to filter out unsuitable candidates. This ensures that applications we receive match necessary qualifications and skills.

In addition to job boards, we maintain talent pools for candidates with special skills and certifications such as DBS checks. These pools act as a valuable resource, allowing us to quickly access a pool of pre-vetted candidates with specific attributes.

To connect exceptional candidates with potential job opportunities, I create and distribute weekly specifications and ready-to-work profiles. These profiles highlight candidates with outstanding skills in their respective fields, offering our clients a diverse range of options.

Personalised communication is integral to the candidate selection process. Through phone calls and video calls, I delve into candidates’ experience, qualifications, and aspirations. These conversations help gauge their suitability for different roles and ensure their skills align with our clients’ needs.

Our comprehensive approach, including targeted questions, talent pools, weekly spec outs, and personal communication, aims to find candidates who are not only qualified but also the perfect fit for our clients’ business culture, work ethic, and expectations.


Building Lasting Relationships

Strategies for Effective Communication

Effective communication is at the core of building strong relationships. Here’s how I ensure professionalism and understanding of my clients’ needs:

  1. Regular Communication: I keep in close contact with clients on a weekly basis, conducting end-of-week or end-of-job calls to gather feedback and discuss further requirements.
  2. Candidate Availability Updates: Proactively sending candidate availability updates allows clients to access qualified candidates promptly, especially in last-minute situations.
  3. Client Engagement: Beyond recruitment, I inquire about clients’ new business initiatives and upcoming events, aligning my strategies with their business goals.

These practices contribute to building strong relationships based on effective communication, personalised service, and a deep understanding of clients’ requirements.

Providing Exceptional Service

Feedback from the Frontlines

Here’s what some clients had to say about my proactive approach:

  • “You are a babe! Thank you so much for sorting!”
  • “You absolute legend, thank you! Appreciate you sorting this for me!”
  • “You have a brilliant weekend!”
  • “You are the best, thank you!”

These comments showcase the effectiveness of my recruitment strategies and determination to meet clients’ needs. Testimonials from clients regarding placed candidates further reflect the satisfaction and success experienced.

My commitment to providing high-quality service is evident in the positive feedback and testimonials. By continuing to offer proactive and personalized support, I aim to ensure the continued satisfaction and success of clients and the candidates I place.

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