How to use social media to your advantage when job hunting

How to use social media to your advantage when job hunting

While a public social media profiles can cause more harm than good to your chances of landing a particular job in facilities management, there are ways to fine tune your profiles to make them work to your advantage. The main thing is to ensure that you are perceived in the way you want to be by your prospective employers. Here is how you can achieve this.

Choose your presence wisely

If used correctly, social media accounts can be quite effective when it comes to your job hunting journey, especially those designed for the professional industry like LinkedIn. By completing relevant information like your work history, training and qualifications, you are putting all of your achievements on show for recruiters to see, which can allow them to know more about your professional background before they invite you in for an interview.

Although sites like Facebook and Instagram are primarily centred around your social lifestyle, there are still ways that your profile can catch an employer’s eye, in a good way.

If a particular facilities management role requires you to be a strong team player, then seeing glimpses of your participation in group activities can help to showcase relevant skills.

If you are passionate about a subject, then having a blog which you update regularly can also be a fantastic way of letting employers know how good you are at communicating. It can also highlight many more strengths to your personality and work ethics that you might not be able to display during interviews.

Consider how you come across to others

You should be aware that recruiters can see every picture and comment on your Facebook page unless you take the time and care to set your profile as private. However, you can choose to allow people to see restricted information relating to your account, including your profile picture, featured images, tagline, work history and much more. Use this to your advantage and think about setting a professional photographic image and making your work and volunteering experiences stand out.

When it comes to taglines, email addresses and personal links, try to maintain professionalism and consistency. For instance, don’t display an email address that might attract the wrong kind of attention (like ‘crazykelly@’ or ‘ilovemarmite@’) and it may be wise not to use a tagline that isn’t in line with how you wish to portray yourself. Also, think about bringing all of your social media profiles together and using the same profile name and URL link for all.

Looking for roles using social media

While news of job openings can be spread via all sorts of social media platforms, Twitter is particularly good for reaching out to potential recruiters. Individuals can advertise their availability and skills by using the hashtag and make it known that they are looking for work. Furthermore, if you want to go directly to a hub for the facilities management industry, then consider joining discussion boards or forums on related subjects where you can network and identify roles that might interest you.