Tips to be successful in interview

It is normal to feel nervous going into an interview, but it is important not to let those anxieties affect your performance. Job interviews have a similar format, no matter what level of facilities management you are looking to enter, and they are ultimately your chance to sell yourself to your prospective employer. Follow these useful tips to ensure that you stand out from other applicants.

Be prepared

Before you go in for an interview, make sure you have done your research. This does not mean simply reading the job description, and you should put in the time and effort to read the company website and any blogs or leaflets linked to the business. Other things to think about in advance are what kind of salary you would expect and when you might be able to start, as these are things they are likely to ask you during the meeting. Finally, get yourself ready in plenty of time on the day, to ensure you look smart – first impressions are vital.

Develop a rapport

When taking part in a discussion with your prospective employer, it is important to show energy and passion, but not to come across as too confident. Display your personality by showing off your sense of humour, but reign in any inappropriate jokes – your smile is enough to show your positivity. Also, be sure to answer questions fully. Even if you need a moment or two to get your thoughts together, the panel will not mind. It is far better to stop and compose yourself than to blurt out a rushed response and then regret it afterwards.

Bear in mind body language

Trying to remember all of the things you want to say can be even harder when you are also worrying about how you are coming across. That is why you should think about your body language in advance, so that you are well-prepared and can feel at ease having a professional discussion. Never fold your arms in an interview as this creates a barrier, and do not slouch or lean back in your chair. Sit up straight when being spoken to and lean forward to show an interest. Using your hands can also be useful when making a point.

Be professional

When attending your facilities management interview, it is important to remember your manners. Shake the interviewer’s hand upon meeting, even if you have met him or her before, and do not forget to maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Remember that the panel will be looking out for a positive and professional attitude towards work, so do not make the mistake of complaining about your current role or boss to them.

Tell them why you are best for the role

It is no good expecting your experience to carry you through the interview stage, nor should it be left to the interviewers to pick things out of your CV and make links to the position you are applying for. Show them that you understand what is expected from the post holder by giving them examples of when you have had to perform in a similar situation in the past. Also, reiterate key skills gained, wherever relevant.