How to get ahead in your facilities management career

Facilities management (FM) may not be everyone’s dream career, but even those who fall into the sector by accident often discover that there are actually many fantastic opportunities for career progression, as well as a great deal of enjoyment to be had from the roles. As such, more and more people are being attracted to the industry, including millennials, and the sector is welcoming them with brand new apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships helping to shape futures

From October, over 50 higher level apprenticeships will be made available in an attempt to attract youngsters to FM as a career, and this is intended to build a younger and fresher workforce (which, at present, is predominantly made up of male workers, aged over 35). More apprenticeships will then be made available in the following March, bringing the total up to over 200 new openings.

The £1m investment will help to create a clear professional path into the industry, instead of the more common approach, which is for individuals to stumble across roles. The apprenticeships themselves will give young professionals an opportunity to gain a degree-level qualification and the skills required to enter the public sector.

Creating a true path into facilities management

As previously touched upon, many facilities managers would admit that they didn’t go on the search for that career, but they probably wouldn’t change their job for the world. Yet, there wasn’t previously a set path to entering the field, or much information about what the career could offer. The hope is that this investment will set out a better professional path for graduates and help students to properly understand the benefits of a career in FM.

Compensating for retirees

Furthermore, the plans have been put in place to create opportunities, and also to fill gaps. Since the workforce is predominantly aged between 40 and 50, the sector needs to prepare for when those employees leave. Without raising the profile of FM as a career and creating these opportunities for the next generation of workers, companies will be left with staff shortages. That is why this investment is such a timely revelation.

The different areas of facilities management

Some may be surprised to hear that the sector is very varied, offering a range of niche specialisms. Among these areas of expertise are building design & planning, building development, contracts/projects & bids, engineering/maintenance, estates/property, events, health & safety, operations, procurement, sustainability, technical services/ICT and general FM.

How to get your career started

To find out more about the apprenticeships and other opportunities for professional study that are available in the FM sector, you can consult the relevant pages on, or you can visit the designated area found on the BIFM website (The Professional Body for Facilities Management) at As someone in their twenties, looking for a great career, you should definitely consider setting your sights on becoming an FM professional and benefitting from the apprenticeships on offer. You could gain valuable qualifications, and also learn a great deal about the sector, mastering the skills required to progress through the ranks.