Temporary Facilities Assistant

  • Temporary
  • London
  • Salary: £ 12.00 per hour
  • Job Reference: JS/HQ00012108
Responsible to: Facilities Officer, who in turn reports to the Head of Facilities
Location: Victoria, London
Key Purpose:
  • Supporting and assisting the Facilities Officer in the delivery of the facilities provision for Head Office to meet the needs of the company staff at Head Office and Regional Offices.  Public face of the organisation to visitors and suppliers attending Head Office premises.
  • The post holder is the first point of contact for the staff, at head offices and regional offices, requiring services and support
Specific Responsibilities:
  • To welcome visitors to and inform staff of their arrival, while ensuring that security procedures are followed by all staff and visitors.
  • To work an agreed shift rota (within 8:30 – 17:30) to take responsibility for the opening and close down of reception at the beginning and end of the working day.
  • To ensure office and meeting areas are kept tidy at all times during office hours and staffed at peak times as agreed with the Head of Facilities.
  • Assisting in the setting up of meeting rooms for large meetings and ensuring rooms are put back into original layout following large meeting.
  • To manage incoming deliveries to the office, checking suppliers' credentials before admitting them, and to liaise with the receiving department.
  • To liaise with Southside building management to provide an updated daily visitors list and resolve issues with unknown or unwanted visitors.
  • To provide administrative and operational support to the Facilities Officer and to the Head of Facilities as follows:
  1. Collecting, opening and distributing incoming post as required, and recording and franking of outgoing mail.
  2. Financial administration, including raising purchase orders, invoice processing and managing the stock control system.
  3. Provide occasional support in training individuals of other units on the use of the purchasing system and how to raise purchase orders.
  4. Maintaining and updating the access control system at Head Office, London, and managing the issue of access control passes.
  5. Maintaining records of offsite managed storage, ensuring that staff placing or retrieving items follow correct procedures.
  6. Ensuring Health and Safety legislation is adhered to by conducting weekly/monthly H&S/Fire checks and risk assessments are regularly updated.
  7. Maintaining records of internal systems and services, including car fleet and drivers.
  8. Dealing with external suppliers of services, including inbound or outbound delivery of courier services, cleaners, caterers and stationary suppliers.
  9. Assisting the Facilities Officer with the delivery of building maintenance and repair programmes when required.
  • To carry out any other reasonable task where required to do so by the Facilities Officer, Head of Facilities or the Director of Services.

Start Date: 29 Jul 2019