How to answer the trickiest interview questions

Whether you are looking to enter the Facilities Management industry as a graduate, or you are making a move from a different company, you should prepare yourself for answering those horrible interview questions which are bound to come up. Here are some of the trickiest interview questions, why hirers love to use them and how best to go about answering them.

Why do you think you will succeed in this role?

It should be noted that interviewing panels do not ask these types of questions to hear you talk about why you are so fantastic. Confidence is something they want to see but, above all, they want you to show that you can apply your skills and attributes to the job in question. So, rather than simply taking the question as “Why do you think you will succeed”, you should be hearing “Why do you think you will find success in this role, as opposed to any other?”. This will help you to tick off those qualities, interests and qualifications that match you to this particular FM role.

Do you feel that you have any weaknesses?

This is a confusing question, as it’s difficult to know whether they mean personal or professional weaknesses? Is it a trick question? Your instinct is to defend yourself in an interview environment and to only focus on the positives, so the only way to answer this question successfully is to be honest about your shortcomings, but to put a positive spin on it. A great example is to say that you are a good team player but don’t cope very well with conflict. Your positive spin could be that you recently completed an assertiveness training course, to enable you to react better in these types of circumstances.

What motivates you?

The Facilities Management sector isn’t necessarily a fast-moving environment, but you should nevertheless show your determination for success when answering this question. Hirers ask this question because they like to hear about what you enjoy doing and what you feel you are good at doing. What recruiters appreciate hearing is individuals drawing on past experiences, displaying motivation for the job in question, and also showing a passion for the industry as a whole. Motivation can stem from a wide range of factors, depending on the individual, but if you show that you are keen to keep expanding your knowledge in Facilities Management, then you should succeed in impressing the interviewing panel.

Why should we hire you?

Finally, the question that most recruiters leave until last. Though tempting, especially if you really want the job, you should refrain from grovelling for the job as this could make you come across as desperate. Instead, you could respond in a way that sums up the facts: that you are confident that you fit the criteria and therefore you cannot see a reason for them not to hire you. Thankfully, not many interviewers actually ask a question as bold as this, but the aim, if they do, is to clarify why you should be chosen and not the other applicants.