Could colour changing visitor passes help to strengthen your facility’s security?

Having visitors entering and leaving your premises every day is a given, but how do you ensure that your visitor management system is completely robust? Knowing who is on site when, for how long and who they visited, is vital in keeping your staff and assets secure. Here is some information on the new visitor management trend in facilities management: colour changing visitor passes.

What is a visitor management system?

An electronic visitor management system is an important security measure implemented by facilities management teams, to allow them to build a picture of who came to visit your workplace, who they came to see and how long they stayed on site, all of which are important factors to be aware of when considering the security of your environment. For instance, if your firm did not vet who entered the building, they could be putting their workers and any products, equipment or other assets that they own, at risk. In addition to the basic reporting activity, owners of electronic visitor management systems can benefit from increased accuracy of information, a quicker person identification process and advanced photo recognition.

What are colour changing passes and why use them?

If you run a business in the city or you simply want to step up your security, even more, colour changing visitor passes can offer firms maximum security, by putting a time limit on badges. This means that, once the allotted time has passed, the badge holder cannot reuse their pass to gain unsolicited entry to your workspace on a future date. The modern gadgets promote a ‘valid today, void tomorrow’ approach, to ensure that only individuals with the required authority can roam the office, making your recording process completely accurate. This is particularly helpful if you have limited parking and need to ensure that visitors aren’t abusing your trust.

How do they work?

We have all had it happen to us. You walk into your office ready to begin your day when you find a sales rep, standing by your desk smirking and waving around a valid security badge. While sales reps may not pose a critical threat to a business, that could well be your rival, someone you shouldn’t legally be in contact, or someone you simply don’t want to speak to at that time and place. It may be that your receptionist was swayed by their charming and persuasive introduction or that they genuinely have something on offer that you’ve shown an interest in, but the fact is that you want control over when visitors come knocking. This is where advanced badges come in.

There are currently a few versions of these colour changing badges on the market, but they all work in a very similar way. A big advantage is that they are completely tamper-proof. A layer of material with a specially-treated surface is stuck to the reverse side of a visitor’s badge and ink gradually seeps through to display a word or other indication that the pass has expired. Most designs change overnight, which means that the technology can be used to assign daily passes and offer reassurance that these will not be used unlawfully after the date they were provided.