How to create a security strategy for your business premises

Having a clear security strategy in place for your business is key to preventing loss or damages, both tangible and intangible. When a system works as it should, facilities management security should go almost entirely unnoticed. Much like the various types of insurances we take out to protect ourselves day to day, a security strategy is something you invest in but hope to never have to use.

Where should I start?

In order to determine your main security needs, you first need to identify the areas in which you are most vulnerable. All managing directors and executives should be involved in discussing potential risks to the business with their facilities management team and setting out goals for their security plan. For instance, what are your main and most valuable assets? What kinds of security threats typically arise in your line of business? What would happen to those assets, and business in general, should there be a breach of security?

How do I implement the strategy?

As with the planning stages, multiple individuals should be involved in the rolling out of a security strategy. Facilities managers, along with business managers and executives must instruct a variety of individuals to carry out specified tasks, arrange for technological procedures to be put in place and implement tight policies to ensure that the plan takes effect as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You will notice that each stage up until now has relied on the consistency and professionalism of the staff, so the training of all employees involved is key to the operation being a success. As part of the digital assets, businesses might install alarms, monitoring systems and/or video surveillance. The main objective of these reliable high-tech tools is to monitor access and detect any unwanted movements within one or more areas of the premises.

How do I make sure my plan is effective?

Teamwork is key to making your security plan unbreakable. With so many factors depending on others working in order to keep your workplace safe, effective communication amongst workers can make or break the entire strategy. It is also very important that people are encouraged to regularly voice concerns and point out weaknesses so that new or more appropriate measures can be put in place to ensure maximum security of all assets. Even after the plan is implemented, all involved must continue to help and maintain the required practices.

What new security measures should I look out for?

With technology advancing at such a rate, there are often new gadgets entering the security market which can impact greatly on your strategy. More intelligent video cameras and access controls are being produced, which provide enhanced features and more effective video quality. Gunshot detection devices are also becoming increasingly popular in some industries. Any crime involving firearms or weapons must be reported to the authorities, so these devices are making a positive impact on the reporting of violent crime and assisting in the quick arrest of the offenders. Finally, drones are also being used more and more for security purposes, with the military adopting the technology for a variety of operations.