Creating A Good First Impression

All constructive relationships require an introduction whether this is formal or informal, personal or business-related. Within this introduction, you have about 30 seconds to make your impression that could define your relationship.

In personal relationships, you will usually have plenty of time over the next weeks, months or years of your life to shake off those first impressions, but when it comes to business relationships that first impression could mean the gain or loss of a client, sale or getting a new job.

While throughout this meeting in which you are making your first impression, you may have great knowledge and personality to show, your audience will have already obtained an opinion of you.

Being Trustworthy Is Key

Studies have shown that one of the first things people determine about you is trustworthiness, the study also showed that people usually decide this in just one-tenth of a second. When it comes to the determination of trust it showed things like having more feminine features, happy expressions and baby-like features were all considered to make subjects more trustworthy.

Be Engaged And Make Eye Contact

Just because you are sitting in front of someone that doesn’t mean that you are interested or even engaged with the conversation. You have to show them that you are interested, ask relevant questions, ask about themselves, don’t be too serious, but keep it professional and always keep good eye contact.

People Remember How You Made Them Feel

People always remember most how you made them feel, if you had an interesting chat, the conversation flows well and there are some laughs thrown in, chances are they will remember you more than someone who was quiet and didn’t say much. Tell them why you are passionate about what it is you do or want to do. Seeing someone passion for what they do inspires others and is a great trait when looking to build a relationship.

Don’t Forget The Pleasantries

Make sure that upon arriving or leaving that you don’t skip pleasantries, holding the door open, shaking hands, introducing other people in the room. Remember to smile and use their name, this shows that you are listening and are engaging. People like to hear their own name, it adds a more personal touch.