Make these year-end career moves before Christmas

The start of a new decade is a great time to reflect back on your career so far. A self-audit now will help you to focus on your FM career goals for the next decade without getting in the way of your celebrations. Here are the year-end career moves you need to make before Christmas because thinking about the big picture now will set you up nicely for a successful 2020.

Review your goals and achievements

If you had big plans for your facilities management career this year, did you achieve your goals? You may have started out on several new projects or decided to implement new procedures. Now is the time to assess whether you’ve achieved the goals you set yourself, especially if these were communicated to your boss.

Generate a list of your achievements and take time to quantify their impact. Recording the details and measurable outcomes of the last twelve months sets you up for performance reviews and a CV update in the New Year.

Assess your performance

Have you hit all the action points from your last performance review and made those positive changes? What mistakes did you make and what did you learn from them?

If there are action points you need to meet, start lining them up now. If things didn’t go as expected or you tried something new and it didn’t work out as you planned, reflect on what you learned from the experience and capture what you would do differently next time.

Check your development

How does your salary stack up with other employees in facilities management? What core strengths and skills do you need to develop to enhance your FM career?

If you’re being underpaid and you want to fight for the salary you deserve, focus on your personal and professional development heading into the New Year. You may need to pursue training or education to improve your skillset or talk with your boss about project opportunities you’d like to pursue. Your goals can also be personal; the soft skills you learn from having the resilience and discipline to run a marathon can be a foundation stone for long term success in your career.

Review your networks

Who are the most effective people in your professional network? Can you build and maintain relationships that can help with your career development?

This is the ideal time of year to reach out to your existing network and send them season’s greetings. Ask how you can help your champions, supporters and mentors to achieve their goals in the New Year. Now look beyond your existing network to discover ways you can diversify and expand your contacts. Join a professional association or a community of interest within your organisation to pursue common interests and expand your network of professional friends.

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the state of your FM career and to focus on ways to move it forward. This is a natural time to celebrate what you’ve achieved and to decide where you want to get to in the next 12 months to hit the next rung on the career ladder.