Office Staff

Your office team provides your company with vital support to keep your business functioning smoothly.

Any disruption to that support can have a severe effect on your core operations; holidays, illness and increased demand are just some of the variables that will affect the quality and delivery of that support. Catch 22 can help you plan the solution to such occasions.

The staff you need, when you need them – Postroom Operatives, Receptionists, Admin Assistants, Switchboard Operators, Archivists, Filing Clerks, Help Desk Operators, Reprographics Staff, CAD Planners, Moves Co-Ordinators, Facilities Assistants… in fact, the whole range of office-based skills you need.

And Catch 22 can solve those management shortages, both short and long term, by providing quality cover for Services Managers, Site Supervisors, Postroom and Reprographics Supervision, Building Managers, FMs and Assistants, Technical Management, Space Planning, Bid Managers, Health & Safety Experts… a whole workforce at your fingertips!

Whether you are looking to find the right person or the right job, temp, permanent or contract,Catch 22 has all the experience and expertise you need.

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